gnome-themes and licensing

With 2.16 now underway, I thought it was about time to give the gnome-themes module a bit of a revamp. However, many of todays artists want to use licenses other than the GPL to distribute their work (for example, the Creative Commons "By Attribution" license[1], or the Free Art license[2]). This would mean that parts of the gnome-themes module would no longer be GPL or LGPL. What I need to know is what impact this would have on distributors, and on the module's status in GNOME.

Personally, I think it's understandable that artists may choose not to distribute their work under the (L)GPL, which is primarily a license for software. As long as the license they choose upholds the values of Free Software, I don't see it as a problem. However, I know there have been various lengthy discussions elsewhere about the status of the Creative Commons licenses, so I would like to have some advice before continuing.



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