Module Proposal: Invest Applet

Hi !

Since we must propose modules for gnome 2.16 here it is:

I'm proposing the Invest Applet (not-yet-)module to be included.

I've talked about the applet a couple of months ago on my blog, here are
the two relevant posts:

The code isn't released anywhere else than the link provided on the blog
and the bzr archive, but i can make it a gnome cvs module of course with
little pain.

The announcement received a warm welcome by most gnome developpers and
users that want to see the old invest applet die.

The code hasn't evolved much since then, but it's relatively simple,
sloccount reports ~1000 lines (in python).

Outstanding improvements that are to be made for it to become usable,
are better gconf integration (things are saved to a file right now),
update the popup window positionning code from deskbar code, and check
the computations are correct. 

Nice to have improvements are removal of the figures in the panel but
use a color coded indicator for the day variation of gains/losses to
protect privacy.

While the applet may not be *really* useful (few applet are :)) it has a
great wow factor, and is really funny to use.

As i won't have full-time to work on maintaining and improving it, i
asked Lionel 'Ploum" Dricot (a long time gnome/ubuntu/linux advocate )
 to assist me in this task, so it will have also the benefit of bringing
a new (code-)contributor in Gnome.

Maybe someone else can start contributing (preferably a new contributor)
too ?

Maybe the code could be ported to C for less memory usage ?

If the module is accepted but seems to not be able to reach a usable
goal as we get closer to 2.16 we can always retract it..

Thanks !

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