Re: Adding xorg module set to jhbuild

Kristian H�rg wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been working on a jhbuild moduleset for the modular xorg release.
> It's not complete yet and it requires some bootstrapping because of
> the symlink magic that's required at this point, but once 7.0 is
> released this set should be as easy to use as any other moduleset and
> it's already useful and convenient.
> There's a web page here that describes how to use the moduleset:
> I've done the moduleset as a new file instead of extending the
> existing freedesktop set, and I think that's the way to go since
> there's an awful lot of modules in the xorg release.
> Any objections to adding the xorg-cvs.modules file (I'd add it as
> xorg.modules, of course)?

I am not convinced that it makes sense to put this module set in Gnome
CVS, since the majority of X developers do not have access to Gnome CVS
so could not help with maintenance.

Jhbuild supports using URLs as module set names, so with the current
location of your module set file, you can write:

  moduleset = ''

Which will cause jhbuild to download the file locally, and ensure that
it stays up to date.

If you stored the file in Xorg CVS and set up a loginfo script that
performed an automatic checkout of the file to some location served by
the web server, any X developer would be able to help you keep the rules
up to date.


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