IMPORTANT: gnome-doc-utils 0.4.2

I've just released gnome-doc-utils 0.4.2.  Previous versions
had a bug that caused figures not to be included in tarballs.
I thought I fixed that bug in July, but I didn't.

If you maintain a package which uses gnome-doc-utils, it is
very important that you use >= 0.4.2 for all future releases.
If you have a working directory laying around, delete the
stale, crappy 0.4.1 gnome-doc-utils.make from your top-level
source directory.  Shred it, light it on fire, and perform
a ritualistic song and dance to the gods, begging them to
cleanse your system of my evils.

I'm very sorry for the screw-up.  I'm really surprised that
this didn't get noticed earlier.  It does make me wonder if
anybody is using our unstable tarball releases.


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