Re: String review

On Mer, 2005-09-21 at 14:06 -0500, Scott J. Harmon wrote:
> Christian Persch wrote:
> > - a database of all (present and past) string in all GNOME modules, and
> > ways to find 'similar' strings to unify
> Why not, instead, incorporate these dialogs into a common library?

There are a big range of "Unable to open %s", "Unable to write", "Disk
full", "brain fried" type messages and it would help translators
immensely if these were in a GTK_STOCK form. GTK_STOCK_EXCUSE say

In addition if you know more about the operation, error and environment
you can give intelligent responses to errno codes - something proposed
at OLS 2 or 3 years ago in a more general context (I believe someone had
a library for this)

ie being able to do 

	if((f = g_open("foo", "r", GNOME_ERROR_DIALOG)) == NULL)

in apps.

For databases - that sort of exists, most translation tools have
databases used for "helpful" matching. Kyfieithu (
can also tell you where the helpful suggestion came from in case the
suggestion is mis-spelt.


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