Re: String review

On 09/21/2005 02:49 PM, Christian Persch wrote:


For quite some time, the general inconsistency of strings in the various
GNOME modules has irritated me. For example, let's just look at some
strings in GNOME:

"There already exists a file name '%s'.\n\nDo you wish to overwrite
this file?"

eog 1:
"Overwrite file %s?"
eog 2:
 "A file named '%s' already exists."

"A file %s already exists."

evo 1:
"%s already exists\nDo you want to overwrite it?"
evo 2:
"A file by that name already exists.\nOverwrite it?"

"The file %s already exists.\nDo you want to replace it?"

gedit 1:
 "A file named \"%s\" already exists.\n"
gedit 2:
"The file \"%s\" already exists"

"The file \"%s\" already exists.  Would you like to replace it?"

"The document \"%s\" already exists.  Would you like to replace it?"

"A file called <i>%s</i> already exists in %s.\n\nDo you want to save
over it?"

"A file named \"%s\" already exists.  Do you want to overwrite it?"

"A file named '%s' already exists.  Are you sure you want to overwrite

Going forward, we can fix this specific case by using gtk_file_chooser_set_do_overwrite_confirmation () which is new in GTK+ 2.8.

But, yeah, there are other instances of different strings. I'll go make popcorn, this could be an interesting thread.

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