Re: Removing xrdb for 10% startup win?

Hi Owen,

Owen Taylor wrote:


After a quick look at gnome-settings-xrdb.c
It seems that the style_set_cb callback, which ultimately spawn the xrdb command, is called multiple times. This happens because the style_set_cb callback is connected to the GtkWidget signal "style-set" which receive multiple "style-set" signals (8 or 9) initially for the same theme.

I think it's worth investigating at least briefly why you are getting
those multiple style-set messages. It could definitely cause some
other performance issues as well.
Oops, I forgot to reply.
The multiple "style-set" signals are received in g-s-d via the style_set_cb callback because the callback was connected (via gnome_settings_xrdb_init) before the actual theme information
is retrieved from gconf and propagated by g-s-d.
So I believe this case is specific to g-s-d and not generic to gtk itself.


             Erwann Chénedé,
Desktop Group,           Sun Microsystems
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