Re: Version numbers of apps in the gnome desktop.

Elijah Newren wrote:
On 9/10/05, Jaap Haitsma <jaap haitsma org> wrote:


Currently most of the applications which are part of the gnome-desktop
are the same 2.12 however some apps like evolution, totem, gnome-volume
manager, epiphany (and maybe a couple more) have different version numbers.

Wouldn't it be handier when apps are entering the gnome-desktop to have
their version numbers bumped to the current gnome version. This way it
is clearer to users that of all the gnome-desktop apps they run the
latest version.

Yes, it would be much handier for many people (including the release
team, or at least me).  This is a basic guideline, combined with
others it is written out as
 This GEP was written before my time, but I'm guessing it was probably
too hard to make it a strict requirement at the time, and I think it
probably still is now, but it doesn't hurt to ask individual app
authors if they'd be willing to switch version numbering.  It seems a
few more do so every release or so.  (e.g. ORBit recently was made to
match, gdm will do so soon...)

Out of curiosity. Why would it be a problem to make it a requirement to bump the version number?


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