Re: Keyboard usage on some Gnome windows not working

On 10 Oct 2005, at 18:16, Matthew Thomas wrote:

Unfortunately, GNOME has yet to make a clear distinction between dialogs and windows, and this causes subconscious confusion about how they work.

Yes, that's certainly still an issue too, although it doesn't really alter the fact that pressing Esc, according to the HIG, is still only supposed to dismiss a window (in the generic "rectangular thing on the screen" sense) if it has an explicit Cancel button that does the same thing. That some of those might be proper dialogs, and some not, would probably be secondary to this particular issue (whilst still prolonging the others you mention) if that guideline was followed regardless.

In brief:

      * Dialogs have a close button in their title bars, which makes
        them look unnecessarily similar to windows. (It's also
        ambiguous, because some people assume the close button means
"Cancel", while others assume it means "Get out of my face", and
        sometimes these are opposites.)

Yep, have always wanted to see that one fixed.

      * GNOME has no standard, easy-to-use shortcut for closing
        non-dialog windows.

True, but does any desktop have one of those? (And if so, why aren't we using it too?)


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