Re: Get the applications notified when session is closing

Laurent Bigonville wrote:

On Mon, 21 Nov 2005 10:20:13 +0000
Ghee Teo <Ghee Teo Sun COM> wrote:

   This is because your e-mail composing client does not conform
to the session management protocol by the gnome-session. If the client
is mozilla based, you have that problem. Mozilla has not been good
client of session management.

It's evolution... I have just seen that evolution save automatically
without asking anything and asks you at next launch if you want to
recover unfinished mails.
   Evolution actually handles session management in this case,
but it has decided that it simply saves the interaction until the
next session. This is not a policy that the X Session Management
Procotol tries to dictate but it does provide the meachnism to
allow the app whether to interact with user or not. Evolution
decides to save those information and then continue with
the existing of the session.

    gedit is a good example of fullyt compliant session client or
even gnome-terminal itself.

gedit doesn't ask if you want to save but shows you the save dialog,
there is no way to cancel the logout. I don't know if it's a bug in
gedit or a general behavour.
   It seems like the interact for gedit only works if the you
has session saving bit turn on, otherwise, it just ignores.
This feels wrong.  I think regradless of whether session saving
is tunr on or not, if an app is session managed, the app should
be given a change to pop up a dialog.

But if you do have the save session bit on, the session exists does
give you a bit of time to save but not forever (probably the 120 seconds).




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