Re: Common Save Confirmation Dialogue

On Mon, 2005-09-05 at 17:53 +0100, Marc O'Morain wrote:
> Hi all,
> The inconsistency of the save changes confirmation has been mentioned
> a few times recently on the lists:
> At the moment, any application that asks the user to confirm that they
> want to save or discard changes has to implement the dialogue box
> themselves. This results in inconsistent dialogue boxes, and
> duplicated code and effort. It would make more sense to have a stock
> dialog box for such a common alert. My proposal is to add a
> GtkSaveConfirmationAlert as originally mentioned by Murray C, in
> December 2004.
> The HIG recommends this as the layout for such an alert:
> The most convenient API to provide to developers would be a single
> function call that opens a modal save confirmation dialogue box, and
> returns one of three values for the three outcomes. I have written a
> quick function definition here (I have no access to a GNOME box to
> write any real code this month).
> typedef enum
> {
> } GtkSaveConfirmationType;

The gnumeric save confirmation dialog has 5 buttons (unless only a
single unsaved file is open) since its users do not want to have to
answer 10 dialogs just because they have 10 related workbook opens at a
time.  So this proposed dialog would not be usabale by the Gnumeric

And whatever the HIG says, our users told us that the choice `cancel'
when it was used in gnumeric in that dialog did not have a clear


Prof. Dr. Andreas J. Guelzow
Dept. of Mathematical & Computing Sciences
Concordia University College of Alberta

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