Vino performance question for an IBM T41 (Radeon M10)


I've been experimenting with vino and have found the following odd
behavior with my dual-head laptop (IBM T41p running Debian testing). 

I have my second card/screen configured at 1024x768 for video
presentations since the main LCD is 1400x1050 which most projectors
can't handle.  So I start acroread or whatever on the second screen.

To see the projected screen on the laptop monitor, one can use VNC in
one of the following three ways:

1) Run a vncserver on the second screen (:0.1) and attach a vncviewer
   to this.

2) Run x11vnc on the second screen and attach a vncviewer
   to this.

3) Install vino and run a viewer on localhost:1.

All three of these work.  But I find that with vino, the cpu usage is
pegged at 100% with the xserver taking up the lion's share of the
cycles.  Whereas with the other two the cpu usage is very low.  On the
other hand, the vino response seems better than the other two options.

I will also point out that it does not have to do with the second
screen directly: if I attach remotely to the laptop on the main
screen the same thing happens.

This does not happen with other desktops (with different xserver
drivers) so I guess this is somehow XFree86 drv_ati related.
Does anyone know what is going (and what I can do to investigate)?
No additional log message anywhere during the vino server usage.

Would be happy to provide additional info . . . 


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