GUADEC Schedule online!

Hi all,

So, after some furious last-minute planning, we have got a provisional schedule for GUADEC online at

The schedule is looking pretty sharp - a *big* change from previous year sis that on the second day of the schedule, we have almost nothing planned. The day is yours to be claimed. In the morning, we will have lightning talks (5 minutes or less to impress), a Topaz/GNOME 3.0 planning session, and then in the afternoon, when we're all well fed, we get down to the serious business of planning the future of GNOME. Then, at the end of the afternoon, we all get together and fuse our brains with the raw enthusiasm oozing out of a massive group session, before going for a nice quiet evening reading the times and playing chess. In the pub.

Another new feature of the conference is that it's packed choc-a-bloc with tutorials - in all, there are 7 hours of tutorials on things like PyGTK, unit testing, and straightforward GNOME Love.

A big welcome too to a multimedia mini-conference, with 9 multimedia related talks spread over Sunday and Wednesday.

As Mike Myers said best in the Cat in the Hat, "I'm so excited!".

Run, don't walk, to to sign up for the low-traffic and ultra-important guadec-list gnome org (this is the last mail I will be sending to foundation-list and/or ddl about GUADEC), and on your way have a quick look at - your scratch-pad for GUADEC planning. This is where lightning talks, BOFs, lift planning & meeting spots and times will all get added. If you've found a cheap airline, let us know. If you can't find one, let us know too.

Let the brain fusing begin! (with apologies to Jeff Waugh for stealing his phrase).


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