eog string freeze breakages

Hi Jens,

(Though I suspect this was unintentional, and Jens only forgot to
branch EOG for gnome-2-10 [at least I don't see it], I'm using almost 
standard mail template for string freeze breakages.)

There have been numerous string freeze breakages (at least twelwe
new/changed messages) in EOG:


Both seem to be part of a single commit:

2005-03-14  Jens Finke  <jens triq net>

	* Merged the experimental-job-mgr branch back to head.

What you probably want to do is to branch eog at some point before
these changes, because I can hardly think of a reason to add 12 new
strings in a string frozen branch now.

If you still feel there's a need for string freeze breakage, I suggest
to follow the procedure outlined below:


Basically, we need (very) good reasons why are these new strings


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