Re: New external dependency: iso-codes ?

> For example, xkeyboard-config translations are a soft
dependency of
> Gnome keyboard preferences: you get untranslated
layout names if
> xkb-config is not included.
Not exactly like this. This is kind of "third order
soft dependency". libxklavier (really softly:) depends
on X server to provide the XML registry - and tries to
survive if it is not there (well, some parts of
libxklavier can live - but not the whole thing). The
xkeyboard-config project is just a small module to
provide this registry for xorg server (and xfree if
they want to use our data). Talking about TP - from my
humble experience, they are not nearly as effective as
GTP (with all due respect and gratitute - it is very
slow in translating xkeyboard-config).


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