Re: roadmap status update/update request

Using a wiki would be a great way to give these feature requests added
exposure, not to mention to create a central place where users and
interested public could look and find what is--or at least could be--in
store for the next release.

Were such a direction to be followed, would it be placed on


Matt T. Proud

Am Sonntag, den 06.03.2005, 22:37 -0800 schrieb Eugenia Loli-Queru:
> >I don't think our current development process incorporates enough
> >feedback from people. We just tend to amble on, doing our own thing.
> >I'd like to see us add some feedback gathering element to the release
> >cycle.
> I currently have 20 feature requests for Gnome 2.12. Where should I place 
> them? The Bugzilla is not where I want to place them because:
> a. no one will pay attention ultimately (gazillion of feature requests never 
> go anywhere there, let along bug reports)
> b. I don't want to spend half an hour placing 20 features requests on the 
> bugzilla one by one.
> Is there a better way for users to ask for features requests for 2.12? Maybe 
> a special wiki that has "time restrictions" (e.g. only be able to post there 
> for 2 weeks and then have the devs reading these requests and implement some 
> of them for 2.12)?
> thx,
> Eugenia
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