Re: terminal benchmark

Dnia 06-03-2005, nie o godzinie 11:16 +0100, Olivier Fourdan napisał(a):
>Hi Grzegorz,
>Both share the same vte widget, I see no reason for this other than a
>flaw in your benchmark methodology :)
>Are you sure you have the same amount of back scroll back buffer?

Settings now are the same:
- the same font (with antialiasing, Monospace 11)
- white on black color scheme
- the same buffer (100 lines)
- maximized window
- command: time cat /usr/share/doc/cups/*

but I have again bad results for gnome-terminal:

        Terminal          gnome-terminal
real    0m6.842s           0m19.179s
user    0m0.003s           0m0.008s
sys     0m0.195s           0m0.180s

Grzegorz Dąbrowski <gdx o2 pl>

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