dasher string freeze breakage

There has recently been an unannounced string freeze breakage in the
string frozen dasher HEAD branch.

It is these six added messages:

        #: Src/Gtk2/dasher.cc:2084
        #, c-format
        msgid "In %ld seconds\n"
        #: Src/Gtk2/dasher.cc:2085
        #, c-format
        msgid "%d characters\n"
        #: Src/Gtk2/dasher.cc:2086
        #, c-format
        msgid "%f bits\n"
        #: Src/Gtk2/dasher.cc:2088
        #, c-format
        msgid "%f characters per second\n"
        #: Src/Gtk2/dasher.cc:2089
        #, c-format
        msgid "%f bits per second\n"
        #: Src/Gtk2/dasher.cc:2090
        #, c-format
        msgid ""
        "%f bits per character\n"

There's no ChangeLog entry, but the relevant commit comment appears to be:

	revision 1.59
	date: 2005/03/04 16:32:31;  author: pcowans;  state: Exp;  lines: +14 -5
	Made -w switch output more information


No warning had been given in advance for these string additions. GNOME
is in string freeze (since almost a month), which means that prior
announcement and approval of string changes and string additions is
needed, as described on

I suggest that this change should be reverted immediately.
If people disagree with that, then I would like to hear some motivation
on why this change is considered important enough to break the string
freeze now after almost a month of string freeze and four days prior to
the .0 release, and why this change cannot wait until the next
development cycle.

(I also bet that the GNOME release team would like to hear some
motivation on why the hard code freeze was broken).


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