More VTE patches post 2.10.0


I'm going to roll a tarball containing all current unreviewed patches
from bugzilla so we can get those tested and have people confirm that
they address the problems they are meant to address and don't introduce

The list is as follows: - CJK 'fixed width'
font and 's p a c e d o u t' issue - Scroll wheel
generates Release events - vte isn't multi
screen safe - terminal backspace
behavior not set to UTF-8 mode -
vte_terminal_fudge_pango_colors() breaks Japanese input style - always treat
alphanumeric chars as word chars -
AccessibleText_getTextAtOffset returns wrong values in gnome-terminal - crashes in
gnopernicus - crash with japanese
IM and ATOK. - vte doesn't work on
NetBSD/sparc-1.5 - fix build on NetBSD - crash when using vte
through libglade

Please test this so we can get some feedback in these reports in

Nalin, you expressed a preference for a fork instead of someone else
maintaining vte while you're occupied with other tasks, and I wonder if
creating a branch in CVS and commiting stuff there until you've got time
to pick it up again is a feasible approach? This way it would be easy to
backport whatever fixes you find appropriate from the branch later on.

The tarball with all of the above patches included is available at


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