Re: Language and Culture Capplet update

Hi Peter, all the Gnome Hackers,

I'm CCing d-d-l since this is a discussion about l10n API addition
that will affect many developers as well. 

I've added my comments to bug Peter Nugent opened:

and I'd appreciate if any of the hackers responsible for relevant
pieces of code (glib or g-c-c, though I seriously doubt we want this
API in g-c-c) can comment on this.

I should state that this is kind of functionality that GTP seriously
wants to see in Gnome!

Peter, it'd also be nice to get a cleaner and simpler overview of the
proposed API, and the reasoning behind it (i.e. why are date/time
formats locales provide not enough, and how do we expect API users to
select each of the formats; next, why is this not possible without
introducing new API, i.e. what's the reason for it?).  I'm holding my
judgement until this is explained.

When we resolve that, we should probably discuss the way to store
settings (since it'd be hard to make Glib depend on GConf, and
introducing pluggable backends sounds like overengineering).


Today at 10:58, Peter Nugent wrote:

> I have filed a bug 307121 with updated code and screenshots for this
> capplet. I would appreciate any feedback people can provide,
> especially owners of apps which use locale data.

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