Re: 'I am using make check.'[1]

<jrb> good lord
<jrb> someone take away luis's drugs

On that exciting note, I've taken some more of the same drugs, and
they have compelled me to file some bugs[1]:

evo fails in gpg test: 
libglade fails in... something I can't interpret:
at-spi fails:

So far Bill has the early lead in responding/fixing; I urge everyone
to follow his example.

Thanks, all-

[1] Careful, if you don't keep the tinderbox going, the next message
may be in the style of Dr. Seuss. And that would cause him to roll
over in his grave. And no one would like that, would they?

On 7/14/05, Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com> wrote:
> So, I'm now tinderboxing with 'make check' turned on.
> This is good, in that we have more testing. Maintainers who do not
> immediately start writing tests which run on make check are
> poopieheads. :) [2]
> This is bad, in that lots of things are failing right now. I plan to
> file bugs on these as they come. But with a bit of help from xvfb-run,
> not nearly as many as I expected.
> Anyway, for the moment, consider this a heads up- if you add tests to
> 'make check' in a core gnome module or dep, you'll get them run
> regularly for free! It's like a *second* pot of gold at the end of the
> tinderbox rainbow.
> Also, occasionally that pot of gold will be empty, like so:
> and may potentially even contain death, like so:
> Presumably you will find out about this when you open up your
> desktop-devel mail folder one day and out flys said empty and/or
> deathly cauldron, sent perhaps by me:
> [3]
> If you have tests that you expect will fail regularly for some reason,
> please get in touch with me, so we can figure out what to do about
> them, and you do not get cauldron-of-death-ized.
> Thanks, and happy hacking of tests, and perhaps also of things that get tested-
> Luis
> [1] This was originally supposed to be a spartacus reference. Now i'm
> thinking more Tiger Woods. Imagine the day when millions of children
> line up to be on TV, saying 'I am Todd Berman.'
> [2] A technical term.
> [3] I look a lot like this, really. I swear. Especially since I'm
> working out these days.

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