Re: Modifying GNOME-About to count users

On Tue, 2005-07-05 at 16:49 -0700, Rob Adams wrote:
> If it's off by default we may as well not bother to include it, since it
> will be utterly useless in counting measures.  We'd just as well have a
> web poll to track market share.
Well, I'm not so sure.  (But I take your point seriously.)  The thinking is that GNOME users look at the about-gnome box at least once.

If the option of enabling this function was presented right, a large
proportion of users _may_ enable it.  We have no real way of knowing how
large a proportion at this stage, but we can do research in the future
to determine this.

> We can avoid accusations of privacy violations through the very
> transparency under which we develop everything: The source code for the
> client and the server.
I happen to agree with you, but I think many others would not.

> The question that remains to answer is: Are the statistics sufficiently
> valuable as to be useful?  
Yes, yes yes!   I could not agree more.  We have been agonising over
this for some time.  If you want to help, please visit

read it, think about it then add your thoughts for doing things better.

> What do we compare them to to determine
> market share?  
The total number of computer users in the world.  Publicly available

> If its just so we can have a counter on the home page,
> probably not worth it.
To some people no, to others yes.  I could be quite inspirational to
some people to see that number increasing.

Please read the wiki to find the rationale for all this.  Then, I for
one would really like to hear how we can improve the proposals we have
considered so far.



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