Re: Modifying GNOME-About to count users

<quote who="John Williams">

> Essentially we propose modifying the GNOME About box to include a toggle
> that indicate the user's permission to activate a program that would
> periodically contact a central GNOME server.   Information that would be
> transmitted and recorded has not been decided yet, but the prime
> requirement is to record the number of current GNOME users (not
> installations) on a (say) monthly basis.

Hrm. How did this morph from a one-time "tell us you love GNOME" form to a
"program that would periodically contact a central GNOME server"? We did
talk about the willingness of distros to leave things unpatched, and there
was some agreement that it would be unlikely for distros to leave a "phone
home" feature in, but would probably leave a one-time form in.

- Jeff

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