Remove "AccessX" from strings of Keyboard Accessibilty capplet


A while a go I filed a patch [1] to remove AccessX from the strings of the Keyboard Accesibility capplet. E.g the window title contains the text AccessX and various error messages as well.

The patch was not accepted because "AccessX" is a known term in the accessibility world.

My arguments for dropping the "AccessX" from strings in the capplet are:

1. Normal users don't know what AccessX is.
2. New users coming from Windows or MacOS do not know what it is
3. AccessX does not add anything if you already display Keyboard
Accessibility Preferences.

The keyboard accesibilty capplet was discussed extensively 3 years ago [2].

Main reason to keep "AccessX" in the strings seemed that it would be helpful for people migrating from CDE to GNOME. In the thread [2] it was already suggested [3] to drop "AccessX" from the strings after a couple of releases of GNOME.

Is now a good time to drop "AccessX" from the strings?


[2] [3]

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