Re: ANNOUNCE: Deskbar Applet 0.3 (keybindings)

Hi Havoc,

Havoc Pennington wrote:

On Thu, 2005-06-30 at 11:07 -0400, Luis Villa wrote:
Popping heads up on this tread again- Jonathan, Jody, what will it
take to get this patch in for 2.12?

It looks like this patch is adding global keybinding stuff to g-s-d, but
we already put it in metacity instead, so we'd only want the UI bits of
the patch and have them control the WM rather than g-s-d I would think.

The global keybinding logic (for both predefined and custom keybindings) is already present in g-s-d since 2002-5 :) Have a look at gnome-control-center/gnome-settings-daemon/gnome-settings-keybindings.c

The patch I posted here implements only the UI integration of custom keybindings into the gnome-keyboard-properties dialog. We are currently using this in all the GNOME version delivered by Sun afaik (from gnome 2.0 for Solaris to JDS 3).

I agree it would make more sense to have keybindings handling only in one place and not *three* places as it is the case currently.
Keybindings are implementated in the following files atm :
metacity (keybindings.c), g-s-d (gnome-settings-keybindings.c) and gnome-settings-multimedia-keys.c (gnome-settings-multimedia-keys.c)

Afair the rational back in 2002 for not implementing custom keybinding in metacity was to keep metacity's keybinding handling WM specific. Hence the reason why I added custom keybindings in g-s-d in 2002-05.

By looking at metacity's ChangeLog the same feature was implemented two months after in 2002-07 (see handle_run_command in keybindings.c) Afair the main difference between the two implementations is that one in metacity provide a fixed number of "arbitrary" keybindings,32 to be precise :)
g-s-d provide a dynamic number custom keybindings.

Later the acme keybindings were integrated in g-s-d (see gnome-settings-multimedia-keys.c) in 2004-03.

To me, It would make sense to :

1) First provide a UI for the custom keybindings feature (either the one present in g-s-d or metacity). I guess my patch could be modified to fit metacity's fixed numbered custom keybinding implementation.

2) merge/simplify the keybinding code in gnome-settings-keybindings.c and gnome-settings-multimedia-keys.c

3) get ride of one of the implementation of the custom keybindings feature (either in g-s-d or metacity).

4) integrate all keybindings in one place. This would be a bit more complex to get the architecture right.



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