Re: Xlock on login

Perhaps gdm should be preloading gnome components in the background after it displays the login screen. If gnome is in memory already, the startup is just a couple of seconds (on my system anyway).

Karel Demeyer wrote:


I wanted to propose this as a feature request for GDM, but I'm not sure
if it's the right place, therefor I ask it here.

Wouldn't it be copol if you could have GDM automaticly log in a specifed
user (like it's possible now) but have the X-server locked before gnome
starts up?  So, gnome will start up in te background but the Xserver
would still be locked so noone can do stuff with your desktop before the
password is entered.  I'd love this as  because I always save my gnome
sessions, it takes some time to start up gnome.  Nowadays, I boot my
computer, wait for GDM, enter my password and wait again.  It would be
better to just boot my computer, do some stuff, enter my apssword and be
able to work with it immediately.

What do you think about this ?  Are there security problems ?  Where
should I propose this ?

Karel Demeyer

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