Re: New clipboard proposal

>> I don't like the dependance on dbus. Why can't the X server itself
>> maintain the contents of the various clipboards? (assuming they're
> I guess that with dbus clipboard could be shared between x and
> console-only programs? I hope nobody is insane enought to want that... :)

  D-bus seems like a great choice for abstracting the whole of the IPC
mess having to do with the Clipboard.  I'll vote for it because of that
and because it would allow for some pretty neat features we've
presumably all missed.  For instance, a clipboard manager based on D-bus
might expose a clipboard push/pop mechanism in addition to the usual
content-replacing copy/paste.  Think Shift-Ctrl-C-ing several data
sources at once and then Shift-Ctrl-V-ing them where appropriate.  This
is just a hint - I'm not saying we should implement every concieveable
clipboard use-case separately, but perhaps it is time for our clipboards
to become a bit smarter.

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