libgnome-menu improvements: writeback, getting excluded items?

I'm writing this mail because the official authors (according to the
AUTHORS file) of libgnome-menu didn't reply to a similar mail.

I just picked up work on a GNOME menu editor that - for now - uses
libgnome-menu for displaying the menus contents. I really like the
architecture and design of libgnome-menu. I think it has some major
issues at the moment, though: It is simply not powerful enough.

What I need is on the one hand writeback, on the other hand a way to get
menu items that have been marked with <Exclude>.

Are these things generally planned for libgnome-menu or is it meant to
be only a basic library for peeking xdg menu spec-compatible menus as
they appear on screen?

I'd be perfectly fine with implementing write-back to the user directory
on my own, since it will probably just cover some include/exclude rules.
Getting excluded menu items will cause much more headache without
dup'ing parsing code, so it might be worth to consider adding that.

Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org>

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