Re: Exciting GNOME?


Ok... the icons are not ugly but need more colors, I say one more time,
the end users like colors and because this some users like Kde Icons.

End users dont like gray desktop and for a moment (except for Fedora
users) the "G" of GNOME is a "G"ray.


Em Ter, 2005-02-15 �20:27 +0000, jonner 1979682 bloglines com
> --- Sean Middleditch <elanthis awesomeplay com 
> > Are they icons really that
> bad?  Is it just the folders that most people
> > find boring?  Most the icons
> seem pretty nice to me.
> > 
> I think the GNOME Icons are on the whole really
> good, and I'd strongly resist moving to some gooey kde-like icon theme.  I
> do tend to find the folder a bit boring, however.  My current setup uses the
> suede[1] icon them, which uses standard GNOME icons for most things (i think),
> but the folder icon is just much more appealing to me, and still fairly GNOME-like
> i think.
> [1]
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