Re: Exciting GNOME?

On Mon, 2005-02-14 at 07:48 -0800, Link Dupont wrote:
> I think a competition is a good idea. Seems more likely than a long 
> thread on d-d-l to produce results (based on previous discussions about 
> themes on d-d-l). For what its worth, I never designed 
> SmoothGNOME/Glider with flashy, shiny, eye-candy effects in mind. Not 
> sure why we feel the need to have such a theme as a default though; the 
> only reason I can see is to compete with OS X (lets face it, we've got 
> Windows XP Luna beat, even with themes like Crux o_O).
> Do we want to advertise GNOME as a flashy eye-candy based Desktop? I 
> always liked GNOME's clean, basic, simple interface; it was never 
> cluttered with bouncing icons and flashing lights. That always appealed 
> to me. Is the motivation for a flashy new theme to effectively gain 
> more "market" share?
> -Link

Eye-candy and elegance are not mutually exclusive! Done properly (ala
Apple :)) they can really make people stop and look, who would have
otherwise scanned right past.

Ed Mack

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