Re: GConf Stability - how to add icons to panel


1. To fulfil our needs to create an internal contract at Sun, it would be great
   if someone could explain the correct/best approach for integrating into
   the panel.  It would also be useful if people could highlight if this
   interface is Stable and will be supported in an on-going fashion.

I think we should provide a script:
 gnome-panel-add-launcher foo.desktop

We can do this. Brian, if you're interested in such a script, please
open a bug in bugzilla.

Thanks, it would be a great solution to have a stable interface like a script
that hides the fact that the underlying interfaces may change.  I submitted
bug 166623.

It will likely be necessary for us here at Sun to backport the solution to
our current Solaris release and create our internal contract to support this


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