Re: About project management

On Mon, 2005-02-07 at 10:35 +0100, Benoit Caccinolo wrote:
> Surfing on the gnome website, I was asking myself: Why Gnome does not
> have a sort of Gnome forge to centralize projects?

Probably because nobody wrote something like that yet.  I think a unique
look-and-feel for GNOME-related web sites would be pretty cool.

Or, what would even be a dream, I have always been hoping for a cool and
simple GNOME integrated CMS with plugin support, and there could also be
plugins for project management related stuff. A great CMS would open up
a whole range of extremely cool things to do with GNOME.
Think about integrating the Evolution calendar with the website, having
a gnome-blog compatible blog API, automatically syncing your website
with your local computer and much more stuff like that all bundled into
a ready-to-go package that can be easily maintained by your granny. That
would just be terrific.

After checking out some 20 CMS I was even thinking about forking the one
from, as it seemed to be the best starting point I
had seen so far.
I do not really have enough free time to jump on another project though.
Anyone willing to do that would be my absolute hero ;).

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