Re: gnome-theme-manager ate my baby

Il giorno mar, 01-02-2005 alle 17:04 -0700, Elijah Newren ha scritto:
> On Thu, 09 Dec 2004 09:31:42 -0500, Andrew Johnson <ajgenius ajgenius us> wrote:
> > I can and will attach two. But they will probably of no use. The problem
> > does not appear to be something in the main loop, but in an idle
> > handler/callback(I think the window settings changed event -> gconf
> > update settings, but of course that itself could be a symptom not the
> Your hunch was right, though it was slightly more involved (10
> relevant function calls (ignoring gconf, glib, and gtk function calls
> in the infinite loop, or the number would be higher), across 4 event
> handlers (gconf, the window settings_changed event, a manually setup
> idle handler, and a selection changed event).  :-)

Thank you for fixing this bug, it was very annoying

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