Re: FYI re: new bugzilla and gmail

On 12/19/05, Davyd Madeley <davyd madeley id au> wrote:
> Quoting Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com>:
> > Enough changed in the headers/etc. since the upgrade that I just
> > discovered that gmail is now marking all my gnome bugzilla mail as
> > spam. Something to look out for if you read bugzilla in gmail.
> (h3ck 1t out!!!1! Ne\/\/ fr0m Bugal15. B3 en\/y 0f y0uR
> fR13nds wh3n
> sT4y h4rd l0ng3r.

Are you just letting us know the comments you were putting into bugs
that Luis was watching?  Well, I guess we just solved that one.


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