Re: Composite use in GNOME causes a strange behavior

On 12/16/05, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diogenes <cerdiogenes yahoo com br> wrote:
> I was testing some softwares that use composite, while running GNOME,
> like xcompmgr and mouseloupe
> ( and I
> percepted that when is asked to redirect all the windows to off-screen
> and when they are composed to be showed to the user the panel lost the
> power to force windows to stay under it, so the windows can be moved
> freely to where you want.
> Why this happen? This is why the window manager used by gnome don't
> expect to have a composite manager or other applications that use this
> extension?

I have no clue.  But it's already filed as and which is probably
the best place to take the discussion. (The bug does
make it seem that the panel is being mishandled somehow if xprop is
reporting it as withdrawn...)


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