Re: Removing xrdb for 10% startup win?

Sven Herzberg wrote:
Lorenzo Colitti writes:
Moving down the list of top culprits, my benchmarks show that xrdb (and the cpp it spawns) to be one of the worst, and indeed symlinking xrdb to /bin/true results in a ~10% reduction in startup time.

So why not just launch it some seconds after panel/nautilus? This way we improve user-visual startup time and keep the features that xrdb provides.

The point is, does anyone use these features?

Lazily loading xrdb also has its own problems, for example:

- You're not taking the I/O away, you're only moving it later, when
  the user is e.g. trying to launch a browser or an office application.
  So you're not actually improving the total time that users have to
  wait before getting any work done. This applies to every form of lazy
  loading of course.

- Since xrdb applies settings, X applications started before xrdb is run
  would not have the settings applied, but applications started after it
  is run would.


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