Re: [PATCH] notification hints for weather applet

Seems like a simple heuristic could be employed here, to not be overly intrusive and still very useful...

Define a set of extreme events, such as rain, sleet, snow whatever. If and only if the weather changes from a non-extreme event to an extreme event, then notify. Use a time threshold (like say 2 hours) between notifies to avoid annoying the user, and cover the case where rain/no-rain is toggled repeatedly.

Or you could just play a thunder sound when it starts raining ;-)


Rodrigo Moya wrote:
On Thu, 2005-08-25 at 11:53 +0100, Calum Benson wrote:

On 25 Aug 2005, at 11:01, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

ok, committed original patch to HEAD.

I didn't read the code, but is this really a patch that notifies you every time the weather changes? If so, I have to say that sounds utterly crackful to me... especially if you're monitoring the weather in Ireland, bloody thing would never be off the screen :) What would it actually be useful for? To tell you when to run outside and take the washing in?

it's off by default, so no need to use it if you don't like it. It0's
just a non intrusive notification of a change. whatever you use it for
is up to you :)

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