crappy first cut at 2.11.92-ish CD

[Followups to marketing-list only, please.]

I've made a first cut at a 2.11.92-ish liveCD here:

I'll make another, more serious one with the new splash screens and
hopefully some fixed bugs tonight, but anyone who wants to download
and play with today's cut is welcome to. Bugs to me personally or

Some known issues, not all of which have known solutions ATM:
* Luis is an ass and has not contacted Marcus (who did all the hard
work of the script) lately. Hope to fix this tonight as well. :(
* .xml docs on the desktop that don't have handlers, and are missing emblems.
* totem can't launch the music and video files for some reason.
* no language CDs yet, nor have I publicized how to do that.
* screensaver does not point at the right files. [gnome-screensaver,
please do a release so seb can package it! please! :)

Off to do a GMAT practice test-

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