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Il giorno dom, 21/08/2005 alle 06.50 -0400, Mystilleef ha scritto:
> On 8/21/05, Jeroen Zwartepoorte <jeroen zwartepoorte gmail com> wrote:
> > GtkSourceView is perfectly fine where it is. At the moment it has
> > dependencies on libxml2, gtk+ and libgnomeprint. The latter should
> > disappear into gtk+ with Ridley.
> > 
> > GtkSourceView is a very specific, well maintained widget that's
> > perfectly fine living outside of gtk+. A developer can use the library
> > without needing any extra dependencies (assuming he's already using
> > gtk+ & libxml2).
> > 
> > Jeroen (GtkSourceView developer)
> Yes, but isn't the point of the project to reduce external
> dependencies? Besides most of the functions in gtksourceview seem like
> functions that should be in GTK+ itself.

The point of the project is consolidate all the *general purpose*
widgets in gtk. GtkSourceView is specific to a task and is a reasonable
and self contained additional dependency for someone writing a text
editor. There is also a license problem since gtksourceview is GPL for
historical reasons, though we would like to switch to LGPL if someone
wants to help getting in touch with the old contributors to get their
permission for the license switch.

That said, there are some chuncks of functionality currently in
gtksourceview that I would love to see moved in GtkTextView:

 * Undo/Redo support
 * Caseless searching
 * printing

However is not an easy undertaking: Undo/Redo is "good enough" for
GtkSourceView, but needs to be improved before going into TextView, for
instance it needs to handle images in the buffer. Caseless searching yet
again is "good enough" for us, but it's suboptimal because it does utf8
normalization and casefolding on the whole buffer, support for
incremental normalization would need to be implemented in glib. Even
nicer would be implementing Regex search, so that caseless searching is
a special case (needs EggRegex to be finished and merged in glib).
Printing on the other hand seems to be covered by Project Ridley.


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