Re: license of libegg/recent-files

Hi Emmanuele,

Le mardi 16 ao�05 �7:47 +0200, Emmanuele Bassi a �it :
> Hi all.
> As seen in bugzilla:
> Seems that part of the code has been licensed under GPL instead of LGPL;
> IANAL, but doesn't this means that every project including recent-files
> code should be GPL'ed too?  Anyway, isn't the usual license for Gnome
> code LGPL?

The usual license for GNOME libraries is LGPL. But for apps, it's
usually GPL.

> The author of most of the code is James Willcox, but everyone that has
> contributed to libegg/recent-files should authorize the license change
> to LGPL (as for me, I allow the license change of my code).

You should probably look at the ChangeLog and send a mail to every
e-mail address there :-)


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