Re: gnome-panel patch to remove error message

Le lundi 08 ao�05 �0:22 +0000, Nate Nielsen a �it :
> Here's a patch which removes a loud gnome-panel error message. This
> mesasge occurs when an icon is missing for a launcher. In some cases
> (such as after an upgrade) the user can be inundated with these. The
> dialog is displayed on login, theme changes etc...
> A 'missing' (usually a question mark) icon is also displayed on the
> launcher, so the error message does not seem necessary.
> Patch:
> Bug:
> Screenie:
> Okay to commit?

Hi Nate,

I think the 'missing' icon is not enough since the user will not
recognize the launcher and will wonder where it has gone...

Calum's proposition in the bug is still the best option, AFAICS. We just
need a good notification framework ;-)


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