Re: tinderbox breakages in moz, soup, gnome-menus, libgnomeprint

I hope libgnomeprint is fixed now:

2005-08-14  Tor Lillqvist  <tml novell com>

	* libgnomeprint/filters/ (install-exec-hook): Hack to
	make "make install" work, especially in tinderbox-like
	situations. See

	The real fix would be to change the source code organization of
	libgnomeprint to avoid the need to cd back and forth and run
	sub-makes. A suggestion: put libgnomeprintfilter in a directory of
	its own, as a sibling to libgnomeprint. The plugin modules should
	also be in a sibling directory to libgnomeprint, not a
	subdirectory of it. The top-level would have them in
	SUBDIRS in the order: libgnomeprintfilter, libgnomeprint,
	filters. I think the libs would then naturally build in the
	correct dependency order?


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