I have Fedora Core2 Linux box with gnome version 2.6. Xvnc server is running over there. When a user connects to server a gnome session is starts and gives desktop to user. For every session the gnome starts a "gnome-keyring-daemon". And this daemon alive  even after disconnect from session.

  Mr Mark McLoughlin told that this a bug in gnome-2.6 and it has been fied in gnome-2.10 .  As the gnome-keyring-daemon keeps the password and secrets for a session.

1) Is there any pactch available to for gnome-2.6 for fix it.
2) if not Is it possible to avoid to start? in each gnome session.

Mark McLoughlin,
I am new to this field. I search a for this solution but notable to find any solution. so forced to put this query again once.

Help me please.


Susant Kumar Padhi

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