Re: File actions (was: Device icon action)

On Tue, 2005-08-09 at 15:11 -0400, Joe Shaw wrote:

> We need a solution for describing actions other than "Open" for many
> file types.  In Beagle, for files we want to have "Open" and also
> "Reveal in file manager" that would cause the file to be selected in a
> new Nautilus window.  For media files, "Open" and "Enqueue."  For IMs,
> open the log and also IM the individual.  And so on...  Right now we're
> hard coding a lot of these items, but that's not a tenable solution.
> We could perhaps overload the MIME system for this, but that makes me
> feel a little dirty.  How do other people feel about the problem?  Any
> other suggestions?

Ed is right; use the MIME actions for this.

You'll still need to special-case gaim log files, if gaim doesn't define
a MIME-type for them.  You know you can special-case them because you
are hardcoding the gaim logs directory anyway :)

For media files:  users won't know what "enqueue" means.  Using "add to
play list" or something like that is probably better.

ObCurmudgeon: MC handled MIME actions just fine, back in 1999...


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