VFS Questions

Once again I'm trying to tackle to GNOME-SynCE integration issue (SynCE
is a package that allows you to connect a GNU/Linux box to a Windows
Mobile device). Therefore, I have a few VFS questions:

1. Since the gnome-vfs docs suck, I wanted to make sure whether
gnome_vfs_connect_to_server is the right function for mounting a volume;
if not, what is the correct one (there is a gnome_vfs_volume_unmount,
but no gnome_vfs_volume_mount)?
2. HAL recognizes the device upon plugging/unplugging, is the a GNOME
mechanism that will allow me to run custom code when the device is
plugged in (in order to mount it, of course)? I assume it's around the
same code that's used for auto-mounting volumes or creating new drives
when they're plugged in. I'd appreciate some pointers here.

Yaron Tausky <decaycell gmail com>

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