Porting gnome-control-center to GtkIconView

Currently, the gcc shell uses GnomeCanvas. That doesn't sound like a
good idea, since we have the shiny new GtkIconView in GTK+, which feels
way more native than the custom GnomeCanvas hackery. I've succeeded in
doing the GtkIconView port [1], and would like to get some feedback.
Does it feel nice to you? What could be improved?

Known issues (help appreciated):

 - sizing
I was unable to figure out how to sanely make GtkIconView request a
minimal amount of space in a vbox which contains other icon views,
without shrinking to death nor expanding. The space seems to be equally
allocated to both treeviews although the parent vbox isn't homogenous.

- label background
I was unable to assign the same background to the labels which is used
by the iconview background.

[1] http://manny.cluecoder.org/cc-icon-view.diff

Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org>

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