Re: gnome-screensaver in CVS

Hi Mike,

Mike Hearn wrote:
Will there be a random screensaver mode? I quite liked that feature of
the current xscreensaver.

It is an interesting problem. The daemon supports it. You can turn it on via gconf for now. However, I'm not really convinced it is necessary to expose this in the capplet. I think the option really says more about the quality of most screensaver themes than it does to solve any real world problems. We have all become used to it being there.

Here's another way I've thought about it. As far as I know, we don't offer an option to randomize the desktop backgrounds while we are sitting at the screen. So, why do we care if the screensaver theme cycles randomly while we aren't?

I'm not set against it.  I would just like to have a good reason for it.

Also, including the option implies that the screensaver theme list should be long. Which may not be a good thing.


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