Re: gnome-screensaver in CVS

Hi Luis,

Luis Villa wrote:
On 4/23/05, William Jon McCann <mccannwj pha jhu edu> wrote:
       * include a version/equivalent of flurry screensaver
* include a version/equivalent of glslideshow screensaver

Are you not just wrapping the xscreensaver hacks? I thought that was
what KDE had done?

"Hacks" from recent xscreensaver versions should work fine in gnome-screensaver. For now, you will have to use gconf directly to select them. There are many reasons for this. I will just include a few reasonable ones. For now, the only one is a rewritten Popsquares that matches the user's theme colors.

I would very much like to avoid a noisy discussion about which hacks are best. ;)


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