Re: Evince as universal "Viewer"

Paul Coates <Paul Coates ncl ac uk> writes:

> Have you seen Comical the comic book reader ( see
> )
> which is a prime example of something that evince could support.
> CBR files are simply rar files containing images that are the correct
> dimension and should be read like a book, sometimes needing two pages at
> once to show off splash pages. This is just one step away from
> displaying images outright.
> Also What about displaying ebooks? There is the Open eBook format
> ( ) also Convert LIT
> ( ) does all the hard work for .lit files,
> they just need displaying with a nice frontend. I can understand
> why .lit files may not make it in thanks to the DMCA, I'm not sure if
> you can get any .lit files that are not DRM encumbered.

[Replying to this a bit late]

Both of these backends seem like they could fit nicely with evince.  I'd
love to see you contribute a backend to them.  I imagine it wouldn't be
that hard to do.  If you do decide to tackle them, bring it up on
evince-list gnome org 


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