Re: Evince as universal "Viewer"

Jonathan Blandford wrote:

I'd like to see evince add functionality not for images (which as others
have said have different needs than documents), but for other doc types.
It'd be great to view .doc, .swx, .pdf, .abiword, etc documents all able
to be viewed from one application.  Having a nice similar thumbnail,
bookmark, system for all docs would be great.  Of course, it's also nice
to have it *fast*.  The big thing about the preview app on os/x is that
it's lightning fast :)

This is somewhat tricky, according the the abiword guys.  We might be
able to export the doc as pdf, and view it that way, but it's a bit of a
hack.  Still, if someone wants to tackle this, they shoudl give it a

AbiWord used to have a Bonobo embeddable control... that allowed to view .doc and other inline in Evolution. I don't know how it survived though, I think Dom disabled it, but I might be wrong.


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